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How to cope with persistent cough and fever?

If your baby catches cold and gets fever, is there any good home-based therapy with minimum side effects???

Summer Health Tips for Children

​Children love summer and enjoy summer sunshine in the parks, playgrounds, beaches and swimming pools. At the same time, the hot weather reduces appetite and sleep but increase metabolism. Meanwhile, bacteria multiply faster in summer, making children more prone to sickness, which often worries the parents. What can be done to protect them from diseases and spent a healthy happy summer time with the family? Continue reading this article on sum

The Call of Cool & Fun - Summer Swimming

To flee from the burning hot weather, everybody swims at summer. Swimming is not only a cool relief, but also a desirable exercise method and pure fun. However water also can be dangerous for kids without proper precautions. According to statistics, drowning is the second leading cause of accidental death for people between the ages of 5 and 24. In fact, taking simple precautions could lower the risk of drowning effectively and significantly.

Watch Out, Your Kid is Over Sized!

With bowl in one hand and spoon in another, parent or grandparent closely following the “da pang xiao zi” (means big baby), and stuff food whenever the baby opens mouth. Have you seen this scene ever before in a crowed restaurant or the playground beside the apartment you live? It’s a very skillful technic called “Wei Fan” (food feeding), one has to be very swift and gentle at the same time to perform this.