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Doctor Team

Zhaolin LU

General practitioner
Director, Hong Kong Clinic
Doctoral program supervisor

Dr. Lu graduated from Shanghai First Medical College (named Fudan University Shanghai Medical College now) at 1963. After graduation, he worked at Peking Union Medical College Hospital (PUMC) and engaged in internal medicine clinical work. With vast clinical experiences, especially in diagnosis and treatment of endocrine diseases, Dr. Lu is a national well-recognized expert, and joined HK Clinic at 1999.Dr. Lu is the former President of PUMC Hospital, and former Vice-president of Peking Union Medical College and rewarded with the “National Reward for outstanding contribution of the young and middle-aged scientists”. He has completed advanced medical education at Canada and UK.Language: Mandarin, English

Guang CHEN

General Practitioner

Dr. Chen graduated from Capital Medical University in 1985, then worked at the surgical department of Chaoyang Hospital. Before long, he was promoted to attending physician in 1991 and sooner became the Chief Physician in 1996. Dr. Chen joined Hong Kong clinic in 2004 and obtained his family license at 2006. He has solid medical background, specialized knowledge and rich experiences. During 30 years of clinical works, he has dealt with a lot of cases, has done almost a thousand various surgeries; especially in the field of surgery solutions for breast, thyroid and anorectal diseases. Language: Mandarin, English

Peng GAO

Chief Medical Officer
Chief of General Practice

Dr. Gao graduated from China Medical University(CMU) in 1994. She started her career at the emergency department at one of the top grade public hospitals in Beijing. During nine years’ service at the ED, she practiced much and gained vast experience in dealing with diseases, such as acute myocardial infarction, massive alimentary tract bleeding, food and drug poisoning. From 2004, she had been working as a general practice doctor at international medical institution. Problems such as respiratory infection, gastroenteritis, diabetes, high blood pressure are what she is sophisticated about. Apart from that, she engage in family health management, first-aid training and health care sharing, constantly exploring for solution to improve community healthcare conditions.Language: Mandarin, English

Jin LI

Senior neurologist
Master program supervisor

Dr. Li graduated from Peking Medical University in 1965. Start from 1972, she worked at Neurology Department of Peking Hospital. She has nearly 50 years’ experience of studying, treating and preventing neurological diseases. Dr. Li specialized in Cerebrovascular disease, Epilepsy, Parkinson disease, peripheral neuropathy, insomnia, anxiety and many more. Apart from that, she was engaged with several researches, which later on were published on national publications, and went to the U.S for academic exchange as senior scholar.Language: Mandarin, English

Nan LI


Dr. Li Nan graduated from the Department of clinical medicine of Beijing Medical University in 1995 and obtained his doctor's degree from Beijing University in 2001. Since 1995, she has worked in the Department of respiratory and critical care medicine, the first hospital of Peking University. She is a young member of the public health branch of the Chinese Medical Association, a member of the respiratory and interventional branch of the Beijing Medical Association, a member of the Beijing Working Group on chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and a tour lecturer of "gina-aria Chinese doctor training program" for asthma. Editorial board of International Journal of respiration. During 2005-2007, she conducted clinical research on asthma in Copenhagen University Hospital, Denmark. She has rich clinical experience in the diagnosis and treatment of common respiratory diseases such as asthma and COPD.

Jie Zeng

General Practioner

Doctor ZENG graduated from Peking University of medicine at 1983, and obtained medical doctor's degree in 2003 from Japan Mie University. She is the current member of the Chinese medical association and Japanese Society of Psychosomatic obstetrics and Gynecology. Doctor ZENG has engaged in clinical work for more than 30 years, served as internal medicine doctor and general practitioners in local top-grade hospital as well as international medical institutions for many years, she has accumulated rich experience in clinical fields. Dr. ZENG is sophisticated in all kinds of common disease diagnosis and treatment, especially in neurological diseases.Language: Mandarin, Japanese

Jia Ren

General Practioner
IM Pysician

Dr. Ren Jia graduated from Tongji Medical College, Huazhong University of Science and Technology in 2008. After three years of residency training at Peking Union Medical College Hospital,  he worked at the First Affiliated Hospital of Tsinghua University, where he has been engaged in critical care, emergency medicine, and general practice for more than 10 years. He served as the head of the ward doctor team.He has rich experiences in the diagnosis and treatment of common and frequently-occurring diseases in internal medicine, clinical emergency care, chronic disease management and health guidance, emergency skills training, etc.He has obtained the BLS and ACLS qualification certificates from the American Heart Association, as well as the ITLS qualification certificate.

Zhenying ZHANG

Chief ENT Doctor

Dr. Zhang has graduated from Beijing Medical College and he is the Chief ENT Doctor at the ENT Department in Beijing Children’s Hospital. Dr. Zhang has been working at the ENT Department for more than 60 years, accumulated rich clinical experience and ENT specific techniques. Dr. Zhang is good at diagnosis, treatment and operation for the pediatric hearing & language disorders, pediatric throat diseases and pediatric esophageal diseases. Dr. Zhang is a skillful expert on surgical correction for the congenital maxillofacial and ENT malformation. DR. Zhang has joint compiled many monographs in pediatric otolaryngology, pediatric emergency, pediatric practical manuals and emergency medicine etc, rewarded many prizes in Science and Technology from Beijing and other local bureaus.

Huining GUO

Chief Psychiatrist

Dr. Guo is specialized in common child & adolescent psychological & psychiatric problems, including ADHD,  ASD, Tics, Eating Disorder, Mood Disorder. She also has extensive experience on adult Mood Disorder, Depression, Anxiety, OCD, Substance Abuse Problem and can provide psychotherapy / counseling on parent-child relationship, couple relationship and personal growth, etc. Dr. Guo has a Medical Doctor degree from Peking University Health Science Center and a Master of Science degree from University of Alberta in Canada. She has more than ten years experience in psychiatric clinical practice, teaching and research. Before joined in Hongkong International Medical Clinic, Dr. Guo has worked in Peking University Sixth Hospital for years and has been the Chief Psychiatrist in Beijing Zhaode Hospital.

Xiaoping MENG

Chief Pediatrician

Dr. Meng has graduated from Peking University of Medicine in 1994, she worked for the Capital Institute of Pediatric handling pediatric patients and immunization (EPI) work for many years. She joined Hong Kong International Medical Clinic, Beijing in 2004 and she is currently the chief pediatrician. During more than 20 years of clinical work, she has accumulated vast experiences in diagnosing and treating pediatric illness. She provides suggestions regarding immunization, nutrition status, and early Intellectual Childhood Development. Having dedicated herself  to comprehensive medical services, she clearly understands the importance of childhood health.Language: Mandarin, English

Jin Gong

Chief Dentist

Dr. Gong was graduated from the Dental School of the Fourth Military Medical University at 1992. She has more than 20 years’ work experience in dental department of General Hospital and international dental clinics. Dr. Gong provides comprehensive dental solution for all sorts of dental concerns and diseases. She is very professional at prosthodontics and dental prosthetics, as well as providing preventive pediatric dentistry. Language: Mandarin, English

Mei LU


Dr. Lu was graduated from the Dental School of Capital Medical University at 1992. After graduation, Dr. Lu worked at Beijing Dental Hospital affiliated with Capital Medical University. Dr. Lu has several years work experience in Hong Kong, and has nearly fifteen years work experience. She is sophisticated at Operative dentistry (Fillings, Inlay\Onlay, Crown), Prosthodontic Dentistry(Bridge, Precision Attachment, Removable Denture, Full Denture),Root Canal Treatment, Cosmetic Dentistry, Pediatric and Periodontic Dentistry. Language: Mandarin, Cantonese, English

Shihong CHEN

Obstetrician & Gynecologist

Dr. Chen completed her medical degree at Capital Medical University at 1994. After her studies, Dr. Chen has worked as an OB&G doctor in the OB/GYN Department of Beijing Friendship Hospital and several other clinics for more than twenty years, which helped her to accumulate rich clinical experiences. With the emphasis she puts on Evidence Based Medicine, Dr. Chen is professional in providing integrated solution, combining knowledge from Traditional Chinese Medicine, Nutrition, and Psychology, to manage gynecologic pain, gynecologic inflammation, tumor, infertility, hormone disorders and more. She provides education and suggestion for women’s health issues for their puberty, maternity, menopause. Language: Mandarin, English

Yeming JIN

Obstetrician & Gynecologist

Dr. Jin graduated from Capital Medical University, and worked in OB&Gyn for over 35 years. With abundant clinical experiences on gynecological common diseases, she is especially good at treatment of female genital system inflammation, female reproductive endocrinology disorder and other health issues of female puberty, prenatal and pregnancy and menopause.


Chinese Medicine Doctor

Dr. Liu,Jia, a licensed doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, graduated from Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, majored in orthopaedics of TCM. He completed his internship in the hospital affiliated to Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2015 and obtained his bachelor's degree in 2016. He joined Mary's orthopedic hospital in 2016. In 2017, Dr. Liu joined Hong Kong International Medical Clinic, Beijing. As a TCM doctor, he not only has rich experience in TCM treatment methods, but is also good at English, and he is experienced in treating international patients and is highly praised.Areas of focus: Cervical spondylosis, shoulder pain, low back pain diseases such as lumbar disc herniation, lumbar muscle strain, lumbar muscle fasciitis, sciatica, knee pain, ankle sprain and other orthopedic diseases. He is good at comprehensive treatment of the above diseases by means of chiropractics, massage, acupuncture, moxibustion and so on.Language: Mandarin、English.


Chief Radiologist

Majored in Diagnostic Radiography, Dr. Zhang graduated in 1980 from Beijing Health School. Had worked at Beijing Tiantan Hospital for over 30 years, he is very sophisticated in operating imaging test and reading.


Chief Pharmacist

With over 30 years of work experience at Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Mrs. WANG has solid background in pharmacy operation and management. Mrs, WANG joined our pharmacy management team at Hong Kong International Medical Clinic in 2017. Strictly following regulations, she is committed to pharmaceutical safety.

Xiurong WANG


With over 20 years work experience at Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Mrs. Wang joined Hong Kong Clinic and engaged in pharmacy work. Strictly following the regulation, she is committed to medication safety.

Guowei YAN


After graduation from Changzhi Medical School, Miss Yan worked at Military Hospital. She joined Hong Kong Clinic in 2015, and now working works as a junior pharmacist.Language: Mandarin, English