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VIP Membership

VIP Membership of Hong Kong International Medical Clinic, Beijing

Hong Kong International Medical Clinic, Beijing provides you with exclusive member services. With our "clients-oriented" purpose, we endeavor to provide you with the medical service which can integrate with the international service model, and ensure you to enjoy high quality and convenient services here in many aspects such as consulting hours, payment, strictly protecting individual privacy, simplifying appointment-making procedures, especially implementation of family doctor health management and so on.

VIP Membership 

I. Guidelines of VIP Membership: 

1. Adults VIP membership: 

— A: Male 3,000RMB/year; Female 3,500RMB/year

      Member can enjoy one-time physical examination (package A).

— B: Male 4,500RMB/year; Female 4,800RMB/year

      Member can enjoy one-time physical examination (package B).

— C: Male 5,500RMB/year; Female 5,800RMB/year

      Member can enjoy one-time physical examination (package C).

— D: Male 8,500RMB/year; Female 8,800RMB/year

      Member can enjoy one-time physical examination (package D).

      Male/Female package: Male 2500RMB/year; Female 3200RMB/year

      Member can enjoy one-time physical examination (male/female package).

2. Children VIP Membership:

      0-3 Years old: 1,000RMB/year     3-6 Years old: 1,200RMB/year

      6-12 Years old: 2,200RMB/year    12-17 Years old: 2800RMB/year

Children can enjoy one-time relevant physical examination package according to different ages.

3. Member can enjoy 20% discount for medical service fee except from the   following items:

— Specialist fee, medicine fee and examination fee in the cooperative hospitals

— Dental Services: fees of orthodontics, restoration and implant

— Special packages (including physical examination package and sales promotion)

— Insurance and direct billing service (the discount apply only to non-covered items after direct billing is applied)

4. Member can enjoy one free professional post-checkup consultation (with value of 690RMB).

5. Member is free for prescription fee when purchase the medicine only.

6. Set up individual health record and enjoy periodical follow-ups. 

7. Members can enjoy priority and special benefits at health lectures and other activities that are hosted or sponsored by HKIMC. 

8. Member can timely acquire professional information, newsletter and expert suggestions.

9. Member can enjoy 24 hours’ free telephone counseling service.

II. Regulations of VIP Membership: 

1. Membership card is limited for member’s use only. After paying off the annual fee, it can be effective immediately with term of validity of one year. The annual fee is not refundable. Its transferring is invalid.

2. The complimentary physical examination is limited for member’s own use within the validity of one year. Its transferring is invalid. It cannot be delayed. 

3. No membership discount can be applied on all medical expense before the membership card is affected. 

4. Please check the amount of expenses before making the payment.

5. The revisions and final explanations of the regulation and physical examination packages are up to Hong Kong International Medical Clinic, Beijing.