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From SARS to 2019-nCoV, We Are Always Here For You.


焕新升级 全面开诊 WE ARE OPENNING!

北京港澳国际医务诊所全新启航 | 呵护健康从这里开始 WE CARE FOR YOUR HEALTH


重要通知 NEWS | 我诊所即将迁址 WE ARE MOVING SOON


Breast&Cervical Cancer Screening Package

Because of easily neglected the signs and symptoms in early stage of some female diseases, it is vital to apply the regular self-examination and health checkups. Therefore we could improve health status by early detection, diagnosis and treatment at the earliest stage.


Notice for Pediatric Opening Hours

In order to offer all our clients the better medical help, since 1st of September, the pediactic services will be prolonged to 9:00am-7:00pm everyday. Please contact clinic for your medical enquires while you need it.