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Are you ready to welcome your 'little angel' ?

According to foreign media reports, in 2015, there is one couple in UK was successfully become pregnant on Valentine’s Day, and gave birth to a little girl in November of the same year, the baby was born with a ‘heart shape’ birthmark on her forehead, and the heart-shape birthmark will become more bright red when she got angry or sad, the couple believed that ‘it is a beautiful coincidence’, and her daughter is the embodiment of Love God Cupid.

Do you know

which month is the most in baby born?

Data released by the national bureau of statistics (NBS) web site show that, the baby born in month of November is the most in a whole year, so what that means? In another word, the most of natural conception is happened in February. Especially on Valentine’s Day, the most romantic day in a year, couples tender to feel sweet each other and thus quite easy to make the ‘sweet accident’. But are you ready to welcome this little life when s/he suddenly comes?

Please remember that your baby might have lived inside your uterus for several weeks before you mention it. Preconception checklist as follow might remind you of good preparation before a pregnancy.

Have a preconception check up. This includes finding a practitioner before you get pregnant.

Check your immunity, to German measles especially. If you are not immune, ask for an inoculation before you get pregnant. Consider STD test if you are at risk.

Are there congenital conditions in your family? If yes, consider about congenital specialist consultation.

Discontinue smoking, alcohol and caffeine. Avoid all drugs unless they are prescribed for you by a doctor who knows that you are trying for a baby. It’s better to do it at least 3 months before you conceive.

If you are taking prescribed medicine, please inform your GP that you plan to conceive. Do not stop taking them before you consult doctor.

Begin eliminating hazards from your life (chemicals, x-rays, etc.). If you work in a hazardous environment, try to ask about safety at work or whether you could change jobs while you are trying to conceive. You should avoid contact other poisonous spray, inhalation, gas vapor or feces of cats or dogs (as there are sources of toxoplasmosis). You should also avoid hot baths or sauna, contacting or eating raw meat.

Eat sensibly. This means to make a positive effort to include fruit, vegetables, cereals and protein in your diet. At the very least, say no to junk food!

Start taking a prenatal vitamin, with folic acid.

Keeping fit. Your muscles and joints would bear more weight as your ligaments loosen during pregnancy. Regular, gentle exercise will keep you healthy, but don’t embark upon a new and taxing regimen.

Have your partner join you in a road to good health, including diet and exercise?

Learn about the conception process.

High stress levels have been linked to infertility, so if you are trying to conceive, cut down on as many stresses in your life as you can. Try a yoga class or relaxation tape to use at home.

Planning to get pregnant is one of the best gifts you can give to yourself and your baby. By actively pursuing good health, proper nutrition and removing potential harm from your life before conceiving you can greatly increase your chances of a pleasant pregnancy, fluent delivery and a healthy baby.